Clear colourless hydrocarbon solvent of moderate volatility, with an aromatic content around 18%. Able to dissolve a wide range of materials and has a relatively slow evaporation rate. It will not discolour or injure most fabrics or dye-stuffs, is non-corrosive and will not deteriorate in storage. Its low odour means that garments cleaned in White Spirits do not retain any objectionable odours. Sometimes referred to as Stoddard Solvent.

White Spirits (LAWS) Drycleaning Fluid Common Uses

  • Cleaning: Often used as a degreasing solvent, suitable for cleaning both leather and metal surfaces.
  • Wax Polishes: A solvent carrier for oil soluble waxes, resins & gums, in the manufacture of furniture, floor and automotive wax based pastes and cream polishes.
  • Paints, Varnishes & Enamels: A dilutent for certain synthetic type resins, predominantly in industrial finishes. White Spirits gives excellent brushing, flowing and levelling properties to the film.
  • Textile Printing: In the preparation of printing inks for textiles, White Spirits offers superior safety to faster drying solvents with lower flash points.
  • Timber Preservation: A solvent carrier for wood preservatives in timber treatment plants.
  • Printing: A blanket wash, diluent for printing inks and as a general purpose solvent for cleaning typefaces.
  • Leather Manufacture: An effective degreasing solvent for skins prior to tanning.


Note we are also bulk White Spirits suppliers in New Zealand.
Industrial customers who buy White Spirits are advised to download and read the Material Safety Data Sheet below.