A clean burning, clear, odourless liquid fuel for lamps. It is free of aromatic content. Used in a vast variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Extremely low aromatic, aliphatic liquid.

Lamp Oil Paraffin 3440 TK Special Common Uses

  • Lamp Oil Paraffin 3440 T Special is an iso-paraffinic solvent of intermediate volatility. It is almost odourless because it comprises mainly iso-paraffinic hydrocarbons rather than n-paraffins and is of relatively low toxicity. Lamp Oil Paraffin 3440 TK Special has an extremely low aromatic content
  • Surface Coatings: Widely used in interior paint formulations where low solvent volatility and odour are required.
  • Aerosol Products: Ideal for use as a solvent carrier in aerosol formulations especially for household products due to low odour and toxicity.
  • Extremely low aromatic, aliphatic liquid used in applications where its inertness and/or low odour is required. Including: Car dewaxing, surface coatings, wood preservatives, insecticide sprays, photocopier fluids, textile printing, waxes & polishes, adhesives, dewatering fluids, cosmetics, prepasted wallpaper, plastisols and metal working fluids.
  • Miscellaneous: Making wax polishes, in insecticide sprays, as metal degreasing solvent, as a polymerisation medium for polypropylene and an adhesive solvent in pre-pasted wallpaper.


Note: Lamp Oil – Keep wick short to stop excess smoke.

Note we are also bulk Lamp Oil 3440 suppliers in New Zealand.
Industrial customers who buy Lamp Oil 3440 are advised to download and read the Material Safety Data Sheet below.