Specialized concrete mould release oil / agent developed to meet the requirements of concrete mould manufacture.

Mould Release Oil TMKBB Common Uses

Typical Applications. Mould Oil TMK 50 BB: When correctly used these moulds will:

  • Prevent sticking of concrete to the moulds.
  • Give pipes an attractive smooth surface and sill not stain in any way.

TMK Mould Oils are products applied to moulds or forms into which a concrete mix is poured. Applied in an even film before the concrete is poured they will prevent sticking and facilitate stripping away the form. Steel forms must be protected from rust during storage; otherwise sticking will be aggravated and the concrete surface may actually show rust stains. Permanent forms must be free of dry deposits which remain from previous use and cleaning is a time consuming, costly procedure when deposits adhere firmly.

TMK Mould Oils are specialised grades developed to meet the requirements of concrete pipe manufacturers using the centrifugal casting process. Because of the severe scouring of the wet concrete mix when the mould first starts to rotate, conventional mould lubricants may be unsatisfactory and one which dries to form a tough protective film is needed. Mould Oil is applied to the steel mould by swab. It is important to ensure that adequate time is allowed between swabbing the mould and pouring the concrete so that drying of the film is complete.

Mould Oil/TMK GG is recommended as a concrete mould lubricant for metal forms which are mechanically vibrated to increase the density of the concrete, and for stationary moulds where the concrete mix is forced against the metal surface at high speeds and pressure. Depending on the severity of the conditions, Mould Oil GG may be used neat or diluted with 2 parts of Kerosine or Diesel. Application can be by swab, brush or spray.


Mould Oil TMK GG: Primarily used in the manufacture of concrete pipes formed in trenches using steel forms. The concrete is vibrated in rigid forms to which Mould Oil GG is applied undiluted before lining tunnels with concrete.

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Industrial customers who buy Mould Release Oil BB are advised to download and read the Material Safety Data Sheet below.