Toluene is a clear, colourless, refractive aromatic hydrocarbon liquid of high volatility. It is highly aromatic and has a purity which meets nitration grade requirements. Toluene has a mild sweet aromatic odour, and is miscible in alcohol, ether, acetone and most other organic solvents. It is only slightly soluble in water. Used when the highest solvent power and volatility are required.

Toluene Common Uses

  • Surface Coatings: In the manufacture of synthetic resins and polyurethane. It is widely used in both automotive and furniture lacquers, brush enamels and marine paints. Toluol is used in thinner formulations and in brush cleaning products.
  • Adhesives: Toluenes strong solvent power makes it ideal for use in the manufacture of adhesives and allied products.
  • It is used in rubber-gum adhesives, rubber cements and pressure sensitive tapes.
  • Cement for fine polystyrene kits.
  • Racing Fuel Additive: Toluene may be used to increase gasoline octane number and as a fuel additive carrier. In general when Toluene is added to gasoline in only relatively small amounts, the octane number of the fuel increases substantially. Toluene should not be used in an unmodified vehicle as overheating and consequent engine damage is likely.
  • Miscellaneous: Manufacture of dyes, medicines, perfumes, as a raw material in chemical synthesis, explosives manufacture, synthetic leather, ink manufacture.
  • Used as Winter Thinners because of it rapid evaporation.
  • Cleaning agent for Neoprene adhesivies as used on floor coverings like carpet, vinyl & cork. An excellent general purpose thinner for those small cleaning jobs.


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Industrial customers who buy Toluene are advised to download and read the Material Safety Data Sheet below.