Non emulsifying wax and degreaser. A clear, colourless solvent based wax and grease remover. An intermediate aromatic hydrocarbon solvent. It is readily miscible with most organic solvents but has negligible water solubility.

Wax and Grease Remover Degreaser Common Uses

  • Uses: Removes wax, grease & tar from metal surfaces (i.e. hubcaps / Mag wheels).
  • Used for Washing down engines.
  • Helps remove grease from concrete.
  • Can remove F2 glues. Ideal for pre-paint preparation.
  • Used in paint, resin, lacquer and other surface coating manufacture, particularly where a fast drying medium aromatic is required.


For a less aggressive degreaser try Amazing Haste Fuelite

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Industrial customers who buy Wax & Grease Remover are advised to download and read the Material Safety Data Sheet below.